Friday, April 20, 2007

Pump in transit

After treating myself with multiple daily injections for 12+ years I have finally decided to give the pump a try. Since college I have been trying to rededicate myself to my diabetes care. While I never gave missed injections and tested 4-6 times a day, my control was not the greatest, I think in part because I was only reacting to bad blood sugars, not thinking ahead and trying to prevent them. I am slowly substituting healthier foods (less things that come wrapped in plastic, more fruits and veggies!) and I exercise every day now, rather than sporadically. Unfortunately, exercise makes my blood sugar plummet, and any excursions make control harder. On MDI my only solution is to eat a snack, and that doesn't help much when you want to lose a few pounds. Don't get me wrong, you can have a lot of flexibility on MDI, but when it comes to controlling your basal insulin, I don't think you can beat the pump.

After taking the informational class offered by my diabetes center, talking to my insurance and every third party company that they have ever contracted with, my new Cozmo is on the way. I am all twitterpated and aflutter for its arrival on Wednesday.


Allison said...

Congrats on switching to the pump! I know you'll love it. After seven years, I'm getting a little tired of wearing it all the time, but I love the features so much more than on MDIs that I'm a half-pumper/half-Lantus-er.

I'm glad you joined the O.C. too and I will post a link to your blog asap. You can check out my blog at Cheers!

Emily said...

Thank you Allison. Thanks so much for managing the O.C!